Monday, September 28, 2009

Searching the right path

Returning from Haj, I keep searching ways to earn money. I meet a few people who sell things by the roadside and talk to them. They're selling nasi lemak, fresh fruits, sell drinks and others. Suprisingly they do earn a lot too.

So, I enrolled myself into food business & cooking classes.
After getting the necessary knowledge, I tried first doing it at home - the nasi lemak, doughnuts and others I cook taste not bad at all.

But I need to get it sold..then only money will come.
But if I were to sell food or drinks by the road side or at night market, suddenly if my neighbours, former colleages, friends or relative saw me..what will they think of me?

Ooh no! I'm too shy... Ah!! this is not the kind of job I like to do ....I'm too shy.
Many negative thoughts keep coming to my mind. Oh no!!! Need to find other jobs...a lot of other thing i can still do. So I just keep my cooking cert nicely in my certification file and search for other job. None other than my wife knows that now I'm unemployed married man. I need to find a real good business first before telling the rest.

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