Friday, October 2, 2009

Thanks God for showing me the light..

I'm so thankful to Allah. Sign is every where. I just need to understand them and make my 1st step and keep on walking step by step. Every time I fell, I gathered back my strength to stand up and walk ahead one more step and continue on.

On one cozy afternoon after lunch, when I was at my hometown chatting with my father at our backyard.. suddenly he told me that his friend in my village had planted red chilly trees in polybags and he wanted to show me quite sometime ago but I was rarely home.

So that afternoon we went to visit his friend house to look at the plants. Oh my God!!! I just can't believe what I saw. I've never seen chilly plant grow so well in polybags with other media instead of soil. The red and green chillies rumble out between the leaves. According to him, he got to know this new method through MARDI. So, he just tried out the experiment at his own backyard. He had total of 800 chilly plants and had great income just from selling the chillies that he grown on his own. This is very interesting!!
Ideas about this new method of planting chillies keep coming into my head like a light bulb..This must be really the right sign!!

Start from that day, I traveled and learned the technique from Mardi, 'Jabatan Pertanian' and people who grow chilly and other plants using the same method. I've attended the workshops, course & forums related to vegetables growth, process after harvesting, Fertigation Techniques, Pest Control, visit farm and reading books related to agriculture.

After 3-6 months, I started to apply what I've learned about Fertigation. It's regarding how to sow the seed and take care of it until it grow. I did seeding in trays, when they grow - the plants were then transferred into polybags. Need to apply correct fertilizer, perform pest control and applied the required processes after harvesting.

This is totally a difference experience compared to when I was an engineer before. However, I've made full use of my experience as engineer to enhance and automate the processes in my own chilly farm. Yet - just be ready to face the challenges. You just need to do it and learn while experiencing and now I realized that those people who said that planting chilly is easy is a total bullshit!!! Let me tell u, people who just know the theory but never experience planting chillies will never be able to be a great consultants.

My advise.. for those people that give you advise but you don't know their background, you can just listen, but never!! never!! trust. Old folk said, you listen and analyze first. Just take the good things but never trust them. For the people you known well, yes! this is my advice you can ask them but think as many time to get the real picture. Bottom line - you still need to hands on and get your hands dirty in the learning process!! Else - you will never learn.

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