Monday, September 28, 2009

Pray to God, Show Me The Way..

I'm very thankful to 'Allah' the Almighty for choosing me to step foot in Masjidil Haram on the holy land of Makkah and Masjidil Nabawi in Madinah. The opportunity came when my parents in law was chosen to go for Haj and none either then me and my wife could able to accompany them in this challenging and adventurous journey.

I realized that this is my opportunity to fulfill the call from God to visit the Holy lands and perform Haj and Umra with my wife and her parents. Unfortunately, my father in law was diagnosed having severe illness and not fit to join us there due to his health condition. So, just the 3 of us had continued with the journey and we kept praying for his speedy recovery and hope our prayer will be accepted and all our wishes come true.

Pray in front of 'Kaabah' together with millions of Muslim brothers and sisters followed with 'Doa' for God to guide and show us the way for a life full of wisdom & 'barkah'. There are tears in my eyes and felt warm teardrops fallen to my cheek every time I stand in front of God. I've experienced a sense of peacefulness and calmness which I've never felt before.

I felt so timid and so blessed. We're God slave and always need help from God to guide us the way in this life and the day after. Either we're rich or poor, when performing the Haj all will be in a piece of white cloth during the prayer. That is the situation we can imagine ourselves in when God call us in our 2nd life after death in the day after.

Full fill the pray and Doa for 44 days while followed the Haj and umrah activities, and I can tell U there is never place in this world that you can feel very peaceful as there. Feel like to be there until the end of my life. So I suggest to all my Muslim brothers & sisters, keep praying & 'doa' so that you'll be there too.

Always asks for God to guide us and show us the right way by performing solat Istigharah and Hajat. Allah will show you the sign and you will just need to find it..

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