Thursday, September 24, 2009

When the wind of change blow..

On one hectic day back in 2007, I stop looking at my laptop and i a successful engineer now? it's no longer like the old day where i can climb to the top of equipment and apply my magic touch and everything will be alright..i work happily..i still have time with family..

I just realized that i was boxed down with work work work..go back from hp rang..escalation from work..go work again..weekend work..and work..never end..for a company that will never be mine.

I believe I've done more now after 13 years here..but seems like 24hr a day is just not enough, too many crazy work and arrogant voices cracking and screaming, political issue peeking around..i can't just find the 'umph' for the task I did any longer. Is this the kind of work life for me & my family??

No way - I'm not letting this kind of work controlling my family..any longer
it's time for me to change!!

You cannot change the direction of the wind..but you can adjust your sail.

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